The A List Band of London's Top Session Musicians

Chris Lung

The multi-passioned and hardworking artist Chris Lung is making Paris and London her headquarters. After a few albums released on BMG and Sony/Small in France, a new album is coming, with lyrics written by Boris Bergman (responsible for many classics by Alain Bashung, Marianne Faithfull and Ricky Lee Jones and who has many times managed to break the French-English language barrier, by a fresh collaboration on Moby's new album)

Besides her own albums, Chris Lung has collaborated on an important number of projects over the last few years, including a co- write and vocal feature for the virtuoso violinist Nigel Kennedy's new jazz album on blue note, A Very Nice Album, released in 2008. She has also created many successful humour TV shows in France for different national TV channels over there, like Paris première or France2, also she has wrote a lot of short films. These are side activities she currently work on too.

Even though her musical world is deeply rooted in rock music, Chris Lung pursued her search for new sonic expressions and developed a sound she made her own. All types of Lyrics, sensuous or not, are carried by her voice, defying the layers of emotions and sounds, to take the listener on a cinematic journey.

Armed with her visions and her guitar, boldly moving beyond the boundaries of musical styles, Chris Lung brings modern pop-rock and music in general to new territory.

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